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Transform your relationship with your sleap and dreams

Welcome to NeuroDreaming!

NeuroDreaming stands for Neurographica® and Lucid Dreaming. This is an author program that combines lucid dreaming practices, mindfullness of dream work and Neurographica® technics. The NeuroDreaming program is designed to integrates the profound practice of lucid dreaming, allowing individuals to harness the power of their dreams to uncover hidden insights, overcome obstacles, and tap into their limitless potential. In addition,  Neurographica® and the Aestethic coaching facilitate a holistic approach to personal growth, assisting individuals in cultivating inner harmony and art expression as a means of self-reflection, healing, and creative exploration. 

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My Story

My name is Aneta Koleva. I am a Lucid Dreaming teacher, Neurographica® Instructor and Aestethic Coach. I have more than 10 years experience working with dreams and lucid dreaming. In 2023 I have graduated in the first in the World Lucid Dreaming Facilitator course lead by Charlie Morley.

My mission is to empower individuals to awaken their true selves, unlocking their full potential and fostering personal growth, healing, and spiritual and psychological transformation through lucid Dreaming,  Neurographica® and Aesthetic coaching.   

I am committed to providing a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for individuals on their transformative journey. My passion lies in guiding others towards self-discovery, encouraging them to embrace their full potential, and helping them live a life of authenticity, purpose, and profound fulfillment.

helping them live a life of authenticity, purpose, and profound fulfillment.


Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream is a dream in which we know that we are dreaming as we are dreaming.

Welcome to the world of lucid dreaming, where reality and imagination seamlessly intertwine. Lucid dreaming is a unique state of consciousness where dreamers become aware that they are dreaming, granting them the ability to actively participate and shape their dreams. Explore the boundless possibilities of this extraordinary phenomenon, from flying through fantastical landscapes to unlocking the secrets of your subconscious mind. Our lucid dreaming resources provide insights, techniques, and tips to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery and creativity within the realm of your own dreams. Unlock the hidden potential of your sleeping mind and turn your nightly adventures into a canvas for personal growth and exploration.

Neurographica® and Aesthetic Coaching


Any task has a graphical solution. Neurographica®  is built upon the connection of the motor skills with the brain. The nature of lines reflects our thoughts and believes about a certain topic. And the body gives us accurate responses.

Discover the transformative art of Neurographica, a unique method that blends creativity with neuroscience to unlock the power of your subconscious mind. Through a guided process of drawing and expression, Neurographica taps into the intricate connections between your thoughts, emotions, and artistic expression. This innovative technique not only serves as a creative outlet but also offers a path to self-discovery, stress relief, and personal growth. Immerse yourself in the world of Neurographica and explore the captivating journey of transforming your inner thoughts into vibrant visual creations. Unleash your creativity and navigate the intricate landscapes of your mind with this inspiring and therapeutic artistic approach.

Mindful Dreaming

Mindful Dream Work

Conscious Dream work with your Dreams, Nightmares and Sleap disorders. Exploaring your Dream Scenarios and Dream Heroes for spiritual and psychological growth

Embark on a transformative journey with Mindful Dreaming, a conscious exploration of your dreams, nightmares, and sleep disorders. Dive into the realm of Dream Scenarios and Dream Heroes as pathways for spiritual and psychological growth. This unique approach combines the power of lucid dreaming and Neurographica® techniques, elevating the initiation and stability of lucid dreams. Confront and transform nightmares, unravel the mysteries of your sleep disorders, and unlock the potential of your subconscious mind. Join us in the artful integration of mindful awareness with dream exploration for a profound and holistic approach to self-discovery and well-being.

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